Floor Coverings

Dekton floor coverings are a good alternative for areas with high requirements as far as performance and design are concerned, both indoors and outdoors. The revolutionary Dekton properties allow the designer total freedom to design the format to work, ignoring limitations currently found with other materials.The solution is suitable for installation in office buildings, apartments, and high traffic areas where durability and abrasion resistance are two important factors. The application is similar to the placement of pieces in traditional formats but with the advantages of a large format.


  • 320 cm. x 144 cm. Format
  • Versatility of formats
  • High flexural strength.
  • Resistance to freezing and thawing.
  • Thicknesses of 8 mm., 12 mm. and 20 mm. (depending on the requirements of the project)
  • High resistance to abrasion.
  • Excellent dimensional stability, reduced joints.


Dekton provides continuity between floors of different levels. 3D volume decoration, coupled with excellent mechanical properties and large format, means the ability to design unlimited, uninterrupted steps, achieving uniform stairs and totally seamless spaces, both indoors and outdoors.


  • 320 cm. x 144 cm. Format
  • Thicknesses of 8 mm., 12 mm. and 20 mm.(depending on the requirements of the project)
  • High flexural strength.
  • It allows exposed edges as the volume is coloured.
  • Reduced porosity and good maintenance and cleaning.
  • High resistance to abrasion.


  • Large format design possibilities.
  • Check the flatness of the support.
  • Respect the building's expansion joints.
  • Choosing a thickness depending on project.
  • Reduced 2 mm joints between pieces.
  • The use of C2 class adhesives according to Standard EN 12004 is recommended.


With our new Dekton Grip+, designed for areas that specifically require non-slip surfaces, we are modifying the Dekton surface structure in a controlled manner to achieve a homogeneous and uniform surface with a pleasant feel, just like standard Dekton.

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